Due to the pressures of population and technology there is a need to place restraints and curbing measures to minimize the damages. The resources of our planet are diminishing with time and there is a need to preserve what we have left, and to also hunt for replacements. There have been major developments in conservation of resources, from recyclable materials to renewable energy, green production methods to sustainable fuel alternatives, everything facet of life has developed towards a sustainable environment. There is a need to balance relations between humans and the various natural systems on which we depend in such a way that all the components are accorded a proper degree of sustainability. The concern for environmental protection has recurred in countries all.

Solar Energy in particular has the ability to minimize the damages to the environment in production of energy while being derived from the most efficient and never-ending source, the Sun. It is the energy we can never run out of, and as we advance further into the dimension of green energy, solar energy will be more accessible to the people. The methods of turning the sun rays into energy open doors for tremendous growth and development for the people and the eco-system. The process of doing so is fairly technical and with the advancements in technology, it is now possible for solar energy to not just charge small items, but to also run an entire city. Solar energy is the future we are shaping for ourselves.

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