The early stage of the CSP market allows room for innovation in product development, and for a local manufacturing base to develop. There is a need to encourage research, development, and deployment of CSP to allow the technology to fulfill its potential. The CSP ecosystem is at an early stage of maturity, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity. On one hand, stakeholders have experienced difficulty raising finance for projects and finding skilled resources such as engineers and welders. On the other hand, market participants are optimistic that as more projects are commissioned in India, a local manufacturing base for CSP components could develop to cater to both domestic and international markets. When the overall cost of CSP establishing CSP plants will reduce, the investments will be flowing in faster and development in this sector will multiply incredibly.

The CSP sector needs long-term signals about the direction of the market, policy priorities and support measures. With Parabolic Troughs optimizing the energy generation, the solar power plant can supply a very stable and continuous flow of energy at all times. With the power to even produce energy at night or during cloudy weather, CSP technology can lead to a flourishing scenario of the solar power in India. As India is a tropical land, there are areas that receive high temperatures of heat from sun rays. These can be sites for solar power plants. The dependability on solar energy will increase with time and technology and will ultimately lead to less usage of non-renewable resources usage for power plants. The final outcome for all of this is a harmonized eco-system enriched with sustainable methods of daily survival and existence.

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