Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology is a unique system of using energy of the sun to produce electricity. The technology utilizes focused sunlight converting it into heat and generate electric power. CSP systems range from remote power systems as diminutive as a few kilowatts up to grid-connected power plants of 100’s of megawatts (MW). CSP systems work best in bright and sunny locations. The economies of scal                e and cost of operation and maintenance are comparatively higher than the traditional methods of thermal electricity. CSP technology works best in large power plants, maximizing the returns of the giant investments and attaining a stable and consistent flow of electricity generated. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology uses energy from the sun to generate heat, which is used in steam cycles to produce electricity. The technology is particularly efficient in regions with high direct solar irradiation, encompassing the earth’s sunbelt on both sides of the equator to 35 degrees latitude.

The use of CSP power plants is similar to a conventional steam power plant. The prime difference is that the CSP plants use emission-free and clean solar radiation to produce heat, instead of fossil or nuclear fuels. There is no industrial waste that is released from the power plants. The plants keep the environment safe from carbon emissions and toxins as it generates energy from a renewable source whilst ensuring that all that is released of the process is electricity in the cleanest form.

CSP technology uses three alternatives of technological approaches, namely Parabolic Trough Systems, Power Tower Systems and Dish Engine Systems. Out of the above, GGEL supports Parabolic Trough system.

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