The GGEL plant has shown record progress and have crossed several milestones in terms of project execution, delivery and seamless operations. The plant has been operating without any problems with an electricity generation of 55Mw which is supplied to the Rajasthan government. During this long journey of development and execution, we came across several interesting numbers related to this project.

Solar Collector Assembly – 480
Aperture (m) – 5.71
Aperture area (m2) – 871.5
Length (m) – 150
Optical Efficiency – 77%
Number of mirror segments – 1,61,280
Number of Receiver Tubes – 17,280
Field Aperture area (m2) – 3,92,400
Site Area (acres) – 400
Solar field inlet temperature (C) – 293
Solar Field outlet temperature (C) – 393

Turbine Generator Gross output – 55 Mwe
Net Output to Grid – 50 Mwe
Solar Steam Inlet Pressure – 98 bars
Solar Steam Reheat Pressure – 19 bars
Solar Steam Temperature – 385 C


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